At Labor Solutions are here to fulfill our clients’ needs. We take pride in what we do and offer, which is why our clients are satisfied time and time again. We specialize in cleaning, floor waxing, and sanitization to ensure your commercial space is safe and up to proper cleanliness standards.  

Not only do we provide a variety of exceptional cleaning services here at Labor Solutions, but we are also a staffing agency. We can help you and your company find and hire reliable staff in the hospitality industry. Our commitment to outstanding staffing has earned the trust and respect of many well-known hotels and restaurants in the area.
We take care of every inch of your commercial space from grocery stores to warehouses to create a happy and healthy environment for you, your staff, and your customers


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Our principal clients are>

  • Restaurants
  • Cleaning Company
  • Construction Company
  • Retirement houses
  • Shelters and offices
  • Government buildings and Embassies

Offering the best quality and service for:

  • Daily commercial cleaning
  • High dusting
  • Window cleaning
  • Waxing and polishing floors
  • Post/construction cleaning
  • Sanitization services
  • Day porters

Rest assure that we will take care of>

  • Washing your blankets
  • Cleaning your dishes
  • Provide a full service of housekeeping 

And more

100% Efficient Work

We understand these spaces can be quite large and are prepared to handle any size area with our ready-to-work staff on hand. Our services include outstanding floor waxing that will leave your floors shining but not slippery as this is a major safety hazard. We clean different types of flooring as well, including hardwood floors and carpet.  


We know the safety of you, your staff, and customers are of the utmost importance, so our team is guaranteed to make sure you feel comfortable and clean in your working environment. We can say with confidence that our team of cleaners will leave your building smelling wonderful, as everyone on our team has taken the proper training courses.

Fast & Accurate

We know time is important and there isn’t a lot of it when you are a big, busy business. We have lots of staff ready to clean, so if you need your space ready in a week or a weekend, we can get it done and do it right. We pride ourselves on the fact that we maintain high-quality cleaning services at a reasonably quick speed.

Well Trained Workers

Not only are we trained in safety but in customer service. You can always expect a smile and outstanding customer service, including following the 10/5 rule and being honest with our clients. We are proud of the services we provide, our consistent values and practices have led us to become one of the most reliable service providers in the field.

Client Reviews

That also includes sending out surveys to gather information on how a new staff member is doing or how the public responded to your newly clean space. Reviewing these surveys helps us continue to bring you top-quality service. Whether you need workers for your establishment or looking for a new job, Labor Solutions is here for you.  

You Success is Our Success!